If you like the author, try..."

The Book Seer works well with just a title and author.

"What should I read next?" Web site recommends books by type in the author's names or book titles.
  • Type in the author's name or book title and search
  • This retrieves a list of titles to verify that they author and title are what you wanted.
  • Clicking the correct title and this displays a list of books by other authors.
Gnod's Suggestions is an experimental tool that is fun to use. You will have to decide whether it is useful.
  • Type in three favorite authors. 
  • Click continue.
  • Gnod will then suggests one-at-a-time about five other authors.
  • Click whether you like, don't like or don't know the author. This builds the database for future users.
Several libraries provide extensive lists of author read alikes.